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Best Places To Cut Your Own Holiday Tree In Cobb County

The hunt for the perfect holiday tree ends here! Discover Cobb’s finest U-cut tree farms where you can forge your own family tradition. Let the festivities begin!

Your Guide to The Top 7 Zip Codes in Cobb County

Zip codes are more than just digits – it’s where your lifestyle, your family’s growth, and your investment unfolds. Join me as I unveil’s top 7 zip codes that promise a life of exceptional living in Cobb County.

Elevate Your Cobb County Garden with These 10 Must-Have Native Plants for Spring

Discover the top 10 native plants for your eco-friendly garden in Cobb County, Georgia! Get expert tips on planting and caring for your garden and transform your backyard into a beautiful oasis today!

The Most Expensive Cobb County Home Sales of 2022

Many people gravitate to Cobb County for its rich history and scenic landscapes in search of their dream homes. While it’s not the most expensive zip in the country or even close to it, several properties sold in 2022 had hefty price tags. That said, check out this list of the most expensive Cobb County home sales of 2022.

The 12 Best Cobb County Restaurants to Celebrate the New Year

With the New Year about to begin, one of the best ways to celebrate the occasion with family and friends is by dining out. Check out these family-friendly, romantically minded, or unique dining experiences that you can visit to kick off the New Year!

Eight Ways To Honor Veterans In Cobb County

Veterans Day is right around the corner, and Cobb County has several events where you can honor those who have dedicated their lives to this country. Here are a few ways to honor our veterans on Veterans Day.

Top 10 Hottest Cobb County Zip Codes

Are you wondering where everyone is moving to in Cobb County? Here are 10 of the hottest zip codes right now that you should check out!

These Cobb County Neighborhoods Have the Best-Rated Schools

Finding the perfect neighborhoods to raise your kids doesn’t have to be daunting! Here are the neighborhoods with the best-rated schools in Cobb County!

The Ultimate Guide to Recycling in Cobb County

Recycling is one of the best ways to preserve our natural resources and help the environment. But it can be so confusing sometimes. Be it plastics, metal, paper, or compost, every material is recycled in a different manner. Without knowing which items can be put into the blue recycling bin, you can endanger the sorting equipment at recycling facilities, thereby costing the city more money and resources. If you are struggling to find the right channels to recycle items in your home, this guide can help.

You Can’t-Miss These Seven 4th of July Activities in Cobb County

If you have grand plans on your mind for this 4th of July, but want to do so in a new or exciting way, then you are in the right place. Cobb County greets the 4th of July with a Bang! You will find a culmination of both patriotic and fun activities happening all over the city this holiday. Whether you want to socialize with the other patriots or want to celebrate with your family, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

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