Top 10 Hottest Cobb County Zip Codes

For most homeowners, finding their ideal home is not just about having a perfect house but also ensuring the neighborhood gives them access to an abundance of outdoor activities, healthcare, and education for their children. Cobb County is home to many great schools, points of interest, and gorgeous vistas, with plenty of fun things to keep you and your loved ones entertained. 

If you are looking for a home in Cobb County and are not sure where to begin looking, this list can help you get started. Here are the 10 hottest Cobb County zip codes where everyone is moving to!

1. 30062

Encompassing the cities of Marietta, Windrush, Sandy Plains, and East Cobb, 30062 is one of the most desirable areas to live in Cobb County. As a fairly sprawling, modernized urban area, this region has a median home price of $495,778 and a total of 614 sales this year alone.  

Attractions include major theme parks (Six Flags White Water), family fun (Andretti Indoor Karting and Games- Marietta), and your choice of grocery stores to choose from (such as Walmart, Kroger, and Publix). Public schools in this area include East Side Elementary School, Dodgen Middle School, and Pope High School. With one of the better school systems in the state, this is absolutely one of the best places to raise your family.  

2. 30127

Featuring stunning historical homes nestled next to newer builds, 30127 is one of the hottest zip codes in Cobb County right now. Homes in this area have a median price of $400,000 and a total of 612 homes sold here so far this year. With some of the better schools in Cobb County, like Hillgrove High and McEachern High School, students are guaranteed the best quality of education until they are ready for college. 

If you love picnics, jogging, and going on long walks with your furry pals, there are an abundance of parks for you to enjoy like Lost Mountain Park, Taylor Farm Park, and Seven Springs Water Park. Foodies will be pleased to know that 30127 also houses some of the best fast food chains and eateries serving favorites like Carzells Kitchen, Monterrey’s, Martin’s, and Johnny’s Bar-B-Que. 

3. 30066

Encompassing parts of Sandy Plains, Marietta, and Woodstock, 30066 is the perfect place to find a home for outdoor lovers and city dwellers alike. Homes in the area have a median price of $430,000 and 600 sales this year. Residents can enjoy easy access to nearby cities and attractions via Interstate 575. With an abundance of schools, churches, and shopping centers nearby, this is a great place to raise a family. 

Public schools in the area include Rocky Mount Elementary, Daniell Middle School, Lassiter High School, SprayBerry High School, and more. Seafood lovers cannot get enough of the dramatic ocean-themed setting at Marietta Fish Market which serves various rare and traditional seafood dishes. If you love morning walks or strolling with your dogs in the evening, you’ll be pleased with Noonday Park’s gorgeous setting with several soccer fields, BMX tracks, and picnics spots. 

4. 30064

If you love convenience for work, school, shopping, and other downtown attractions, 30064 puts you in the middle of it all. Encompassing most of downtown Marietta, this zip code continues to see families move in. It is also home to the historical Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield, which is one of the preserved sites of the 1864 Civil War. It features a movie theater and several artifacts from the Civil War era. Neighborhoods in this area have homes with a median price of $467,531 and 469 sales this year. 

Families with children will be pleased to know that neighborhoods in 30064 are conveniently close to some of the best schools in Cobb County like Marietta Middle School, Dowell Elementary School, Due West Elementary, and Marietta High School. Nearby, you have Lowe’s Home Improvement and Kroger which should help you take care of your daily shopping and grocery needs. Foodies have a lot to look forward to including the Spring Restaurant which serves some of the best southern delicacies in town. 

5. 30101

Nestled between Acworth, Kennesaw, Roxana, Allatoona, and Wildwood, neighborhoods in 30101 have homes with a median price of $417,000 and 460 sales this year. If you love surrounding yourself with an abundance of outdoor activities such as hiking, camping, golfing, or simply love walking your pets in naturesque public parks, this is the perfect place to find your forever home. 

Public schools in 30101 include Acworth Intermediate School, Frey Elementary, Mccall Primary School, and Allatoona High School among others. Residents love walking their pets at the Pitner Road Dog Park, while others love to sprawl at the Allatoona Creek Park and Dallas Landing Park. Golf lovers spend their time working on their swing at the Cobblestone Golf Course. For a fun weekend activity, you can also head over to the Arkenstone Paintball and Airsoft Range on Cedarcrest Road. 

6. 30080

Encompassing the city of Smyrna, neighborhoods in 30080 saw homes with a median price of $500,000 and 419 sales this year. Residents can enjoy easy commutes to Atalnta, Mableton, Marietta, and other nearby cities via the two major highways in the area. With an abundance of public schools, shopping centers, hospitals, outdoor activities, and restaurants, this is one the best places to raise a family in Cobb County. 

Neighborhoods in this area place you close to two Kroger locations, a Target, and a Home Depot, so you never have to stress about basic amenities and groceries. Public schools in the area include Campbell High School, Argyle Elementary, and Smyrna Elementary School, which are rated the best by both parents and students. 

When you want to step out to eat, you have plenty of options to choose from including Mezza Luna Pasta and Seafood, Mikkeys Atlanta, and Bad Daddy’s Burger Bar, in addition to Varners Restaurant and Tavern when you have a hankering for live music, trivia, video games, or craft beer. 

7. 30152

Next on the list of Cobb County’s hottest zip codes is 30152 where homes have a median price of $480,000 and 397 sales this year. Living here places you close to plenty of public schools, parks, hiking trails, and shopping centers. You can also make your way to Smith-Gilbert Gardens if you have a penchant for exploring various plant species, contemporary sculptures, and their history. 

For high schoolers, there are two schools serving quality education with plenty of recreational pursuits namely, Kennesaw Mountain High School and Harrison High School. There is a Whole Foods Market in the vicinity that caters to all the daily needs of residents, be it groceries, housewares, or organic products. Restaurants in the area include an Arby’s, Chick-fil-A, and Hardee’s, so you never have to go far to douse your tummy fires. 

8. 30126

Encompassing the city of Mableton and bordered by Smyrna and Lithia Springs, neighborhoods in 30126 has homes with a median price of $375,000 and 395 sales this year. In addition to the convenience of living near Atlanta, there are plenty of public schools, shopping centers, and restaurants in the area to keep you and your loved ones busy. 

In addition to Heritage Park, Riverline Park, and Nickajack Park, residents love spending their leisure time at the Mable House Barnes Amphitheater which is famous for hosting country and rock concerts and classical plays throughout the year. Most homes are within walking distance of shopping centers like Publix Super Market and other points of interests like Hustle & Lo Studios that hosts a myriad of recreational activities such as live music, karaoke, raffles, and more!

9. 30144

Nestled between Acworth, Marietta, and Woodstock, 30144 is a great place to raise a family if you prefer a balance between an urban lifestyle and outdoor recreational pursuits. Neighborhoods in this area have homes with a median price of $390,088 and 372 sales this year. For college students, neighborhoods in the area place you close to Kennesaw State University and plenty of other attractions to explore. 

For high schoolers, North Cobb High School is a great place to acquire a high quality education, making it a lively environment to learn and develop your skills. Frequent flyers will be pleased to know that 30144 places residents close to Cobb County International Airport so your business and vacation trips can be planned without hassle. The area has all your staple fast food chains in addition to local favorites like Trackside Grill and Bernie’s. 

10. 30068

The final area on this list is 30068, encompassing East Cobb and parts of Marietta, this is a great place to buy a home for you and your family. Neighborhoods in the area have homes with a median price of $592,500 and 332 sales this year alone. Living in these neighborhoods gives you plenty of outdoor activities within reach, like Altitude Trampoline Park, Fullers Park Recreation Center, and Indian Hills Country Club. 

Public schools in the area include Wheeler High School, East Valley Elementary, and East Side Elementary School. Located on highway 120, you will find plenty of shopping centers including The Home Depot, TJ Maxx and HomeGoods, Avenue East Cobb, Target, and more. The area features many coffee shops and restaurants serving a mix of traditional and exotic cuisines, like Mediterranean Grill, Los Bravos Mexican Restaurant, and Marlow’s Tavern. 

Hope this list helps you narrow down locations that fit your and your family’s needs the best.

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