Top Places to Buy a Home in Cobb County

Looking for a new place to call home? Finding the perfect neighborhood can be a bit challenging! In this post, we’re sharing some information on the top places to buy a home here in Cobb County.  We’ve included details such as median home prices, population, and median household income, as well as what the locals love about their neighborhoods. Excited to find the perfect area for you? Let’s hop right in!

#1 Kennesaw

Median Home Value: $280,000
Population: 33,960
Rented vs Owned: 37% vs 63%
Median Income: $70,930

If you’re looking for a close-knit community, Kennesaw is the perfect place for you. Aside from the lovely neighbors, there are a plethora of adventures to take. There are many walking trails and biking paths where you can convene with nature. The diversity of food establishments here is also worth noting. It also has a bit of history ingrained in it from the remnants of the Civil War.

#2 Smyrna

Median Home Value: $340,000
Population: 56,268
Rented vs Owned: 45% vs 55%
Median Income: $76,444

Smyrna is a rapidly growing suburb in Atlanta. Everything you need here is within a short driving distance and you can easily maintain life within the city. SunTrust Park, Cumberland, and Cobb Galleria are a few of the places you can visit. One thing that people love about this neighborhood is the attention to problem-solving. Whenever you run into an issue, someone is always willing to listen and help resolve the problem.

#3 Mableton

Median Home Value: $285,000
Population: 41,487
Rented vs Owned: 31% vs 69%
Median Income: $69,840

An area with outstanding views of Atlanta, easy access to downtown, and proximity to the Silver Comet Trail—that’s Mableton for you! You’ll also be nearby the river and one of the world’s largest airports. The neighborhood is safe and has little to no crime. Considering the great perks of living here, people rave about the affordability of real estate in this area.

#4 Acworth

Median Home Value: $288,000
Population: 22,534
Rented vs Owned: 36% vs 64%
Median Income: $68,860

If you want the convenience of having essential services next to each other, choose Acworth as your next address. Everything here is just so convenient and the layout of businesses benefits its residents. You can find food establishments of all kinds right next to each other as well as drug stores, building supplies, and medical care providers under one roof. There are also options for outdoor activities within the area.

#5 Powder Springs

Median Home Value: $269,582
Population: 15,163
Rented vs Owned: 22% vs 78%
Median Income: $69,807

Looking for a quiet town? Powder Springs might just be the perfect place for you. This is a very reserved community but people always greet you with warm smiles. Residents are known for being welcoming so there would be no issue making new friends. Wherever you go, you’ll see cows or horses grazing on grass. If you love simplicity, you’ll enjoy walking around just to look at mundane things. You will also find good restaurants, parks, and sports complexes in the area.

#6 Austell

Median Home Value: $205,000
Population: 7,205
Rented vs Owned: 38% vs 62%
Median Income: $53,551

Another neighborhood where everywhere feels like home is Austell. Residents are also known for being warm, and even restaurants feel like your own family. The service crew often remembers your name and talks to you as if you’ve known them for a long time. Everything is also within a 10-minute drive so there would be no trouble going around town. The neighborhood feels safe where you can walk and bike at any time of the day without any worries.

#7 Vinings

Median Home Value: $322,500
Population: 12,934
Rented vs Owned: 63% vs 37%
Median Income: $81,973

If the thought of living in a small town excites you then you’ll love Vinings. It is a beautiful town surrounded by lakes and woods. There are plenty of cute shops and restaurants around the area that you could visit. Atlanta is 30 minutes away which makes Vining the perfect place if you want to feel like you’re living in a small town with big-city amenities nearby. You can easily get around without heavy traffic and the community is safe.

#8 Marietta

Median Home Value: $331,000
Population: 60,544
Rented vs Owned: 58% vs 42%
Median Income: $57,452

Marietta differs from many of the places mentioned because it is a bustling city in Georgia. It’s hard to ever get bored in this place because there are many shopping centers, bars, parks, and outdoor activities. The restaurants in Marietta are worth highlighting due to the immense variety and amazing food quality. Some people visit the area just to dine in its amazing establishments. It is an easy drive to Atlanta if you want to do even more activities, but people choose to live here to enjoy the suburban feel with city amenities. There’s a place for you here whether you want to be alone or hang out with family and friends.

That’s it for our list of the best neighborhoods to buy a property here in Cobb County. We hope that you find the perfect one for you soon! If you’re in need of any real estate assistance, do not hesitate to contact us so we can help you look for the best place for you.

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