The Five Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Cobb County, GA

Does your dog seem tired of being inside all day with enough energy to run laps around the living room? This might be your cue to bring them out into the sun at one of Cobb County’s several dog parks. And not just any dog park, but one with an off-leash area where they can truly feel the wind rushing against them as they scamper about! 

Wherever you live in Cobb County, we have a park for you, regardless of whether you like playing fetch or just going on a scenic walk with your lovable four-legged canine companion. Check out these parks to get an idea of where other dog owners in your area like to hang out. And who knows? You just might find a new favorite place to frolic and play – and your pupper just may love it, too! 

Pitner Dog Park

Pitner Dog Park is encompassed by the larger Pitner Road Park, which features a variety of activities in addition to the off-leash dog park. For those looking for more than just a place to play with their pals, the park has a sports aviation complex for remote-controlled aircraft enthusiasts as well as a helicopter flying area. If that is not enough to excite you, there is even an archery range if you would like a different sort of challenge. 

As for the dog park itself, it is frequented by locals who love to socialize and enjoy the variety of nature trails across the park. The off-leash area is fully fenced, so if you want to leave your pals to make new friends while you enjoy the trails on your own, you can certainly do that here, as the 4-5 miles worth of trails will be sure to keep you occupied. The park is located at 2450 Pitner Rd. and is frequented by many locals!

Wildwood Dog Park 

If your dog loves trees and taking walks through the woods, Wildwood Dog Park is the place for you. This park features 1.3-acres of off-leash grounds that are divided into two fenced-off pens: one for small dogs and another for larger dogs. As for the rest of the park, there is a walking trail consisting of a one-mile loop with multiple off-shoots that lead into the woods, making this a great place for a scenic walk through the lush greenery. 

Additionally, you will find an outdoor workout station with multiple obstacle course sets to get your blood pumping. Just remember to keep your dog on a leash if you decide to walk them through the woods, or else leave them in the pens while you venture out to explore!

Wildwood Dog Park is a nature lovers’ paradise and is a popular spot for local dog owners to gather and enjoy the views and trails together. Do keep in mind that there are no water fountains for your dogs available here, so don’t forget to pack your own water! The park is located at 1050 Barclay Circle and is welcome to all dogs and owners in the Cobb County area (with the exception of Pitbulls and Rottweillers as per Marietta, GA regulations). 

Sweat Mountain Dog Park

Sweat Mountain Dog Park encompasses roughly four acres of completely fenced-off grounds for your dogs to enjoy in a wooded and safe environment. This off-leash park features plenty of wooded areas, providing shading from the sun in the summer as well as cover from minor rain. There are also plenty of wide-open areas for your dogs to scamper around and play fetch with frisbees. 

Whether you enjoy getting your blood pumping with your pet or taking a walk through the woods, Sweat Mountain Dog Park features plenty of room for it all. And to make sure your dog stays hydrated, the park features water fountains for them to drink from (no water fountains for owners, so bring your own!) as well as waste bags for your convenience. You will find the park located at Steinhauer Rd., so what are you waiting for!

Swift-Cantrell Dog Park

Swift-Cantrell Dog Park is part of the large Swift-Cantrell Park that encompasses over 42-acres of land with an assortment of different facilities and areas catering to different interests. Within the mega-park, the dog park includes 1.4-acres of off-leash play area for you and your pups to run around, with different pens for different sized dogs to gather and play with others of a similar size. 

Additionally, you’ll find water fountains, poop bags, and garbage disposals to help keep your dogs hydrated in the warmer months and clean up after them before you leave the park. This park is a great place to meet new people, as not only do many dog lovers like to gather here, but many others come here for the other features as well! The park includes a playground, splash pad, skatepark, picnic pavilions, and asphalt trails for runners. The park is located at 3140 Old 41 Hwy. NW and is a great place to come to have some fun!

Burger Dog Park

The last park on this list is none other than Burger Dog Park, located at 680 Glendale Pl. Like a few other parks on this list, they offer separate pens for dogs of different sizes, ensuring your timid little guy isn’t playing with bigger dogs if that is a concern for you. You will find plenty of space to run around and play, with ample shading for owners to stand outside and watch their pals play. The people who come here also happen to be a friendly bunch, so don’t be surprised if you make a few new friends!

If you were unsure of where to go in Cobb County to let your pets on the loose, this list will hopefully help you find a perfect place for you and your furry pal to check out. There are a variety of parks across the county that feature different things to attract all sorts of people, so what are you waiting for? Check these places out, and be sure to bring – and of course, have! – a ball while there.

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