The Best Off-Leash Dog Parks in Cobb County, GA

Are your dogs bored of playing inside your home? Fret not because we are giving you the scoop of the best off-leash dog parks here in Cobb County. Your dogs will have a great time running free, playing fetch, and meeting new pals! 

Pitner Dog Park

Pitner Dog Park, opened in 2010, features two adjoining but separately fenced off-leash play areas. Totaling 3 acres, this park is divided into a 2-acre enclosure for large dogs and a 1-acre section for smaller ones. People here are very sociable and respectful of each other. Visitors love this spot because owners tend to be more laid back compared to other locations. Here, both pups and pet parents are happy! It’s pretty typical to make new friends with other owners while hanging out at the shaded benches. The off-leash pens also have a tree-covered area that’s perfect for the pups to escape the Georgia heat during the summer. As a bonus, the park features a training place where you can let your dogs run through a mini obstacle course. After a day of play, there’s a hiking trail where you can relax with your pooches. This park at 2450 Pitner Rd. is a must-visit!

Lewis Dog Park

Your pups shouldn’t be the only ones making pals. You should, too! If you’re looking for a place to meet new friends, visit Lewis Dog Park. This fenced play area is loved by many pet parents because everyone is sociable. Owners can relax and share a laugh while watching their pups play with others. The park sits at the bottom of a small valley, slightly lower than the ground surrounding it. It tends to gather a bit of mud sometimes, but fear not because the park is praised for being well-maintained! Some even say it is the cleanest park in the area. Owners help by being responsible and picking up after their babies. Dog bags and disposal bins are also available around. There’s a substantial amount of ground to cover making it a great place to play fetch! If you want to meet new friends, add this park at 475 Campbell Hill St NW to your list. (Pitbulls and Rottweilers are not allowed as per Marietta, GA regulations).

Wildwood Dog Park

Looking for a dog park surrounded by wonderful views? Wildwood Dog Park at 1050 Barclay Circle is for you! The 1.3-acre off-leash area is divided into two fully-fenced pens where your dogs can enjoy playing and running. The location is praised for its pristine natural scenery and tranquil atmosphere. There are plenty of trees around as well as a clear view of the mountain. The area was conceived to provide a safe space for dogs. One part of it is even exclusively reserved with small, elderly, and timid dogs in mind. The play spaces are well-shaded and lined with grass, making it a comfortable place for your pets to enjoy! It’s a nice park where you can see the same people and the same dogs all the time. It’s easy to make really good friends here. After your dogs play, you can also enjoy a stroll on the trail around the park. (Like Lewis Dog Park, Wildwood adheres to Marietta, GA regulations not allowing Pitbulls and Rottweillers).

Swift-Cantrell Dog Park

Swift-Cantrell Dog Park located at 3140 Old 41 Hwy NW features a 1.4-acre off-leash play space. There are two separate pens for large and small dogs, surrounded by a six-foot-high chain-link perimeter fence. Patrons love this place because there are always many dogs to play with! If your furbabies are very social, they would love to play here. Other owners also come here to teach their pups to mingle with others. The fun and outgoing vibe helps timid dogs to break out of their shell. Some pet parents love this place so much that they’re willing to drive an hour just to have quality time. Water fountains, poop bags, and garbage disposals are provided for your convenience. As with many Georgia dog parks, this place can also get muddy. However, there are water spigots with hose attachments for clean up. But really, did your dogs have fun if they’re not dirty?

Burger Dog Park

Excited for another play spot? Burger Dog Park located at 680 Glendale Pl is Smyrna’s first off-leash dog park. The park is split into two separate sections, one for small and one for large pooches. If your babies weigh less than 30 pounds, they don’t have to worry about bigger pups being around. They can enjoy running around their own pen together with other small dogs. Even with two separate pens, the enclosures still offer an ample amount of running ground. There’s also no need to worry about your pets’ safety as the spaces are completely fenced-off. All you need to do is watch your babies run and play around. Owners here are also very attentive while watching their dogs play. Not only that, but everyone is also friendly and considerate. Be sure to give this park a visit!

I hope this gives you a perfect idea of where to take your pups next. Take advantage of this fun-filled places for your playtime! What are you waiting for? Go visit these amazing play places and have fun!

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