5 Cobb Instagram Design Accounts for Endless Inspiration

Instagram has become a hub for talented and creative individuals who offer their unique and fresh concepts when it comes to revamping living spaces. The app opens a world where design flourishes in unexpected corners. While nationally-acclaimed interior designers certainly contributed their artistic touch, the realm of inspiration extends far beyond.

This platform bursts with creativity from designers and design studios in Cobb, presenting a variety of styles incorporating timeless decors and the latest trends. I’ve curated 5 Instagram design accounts to ignite your passion and awaken your artistic senses. So, without further ado, let’s dive into who made the list!

#1 Kandrac & Kole | @kandrackole

Kandrac & Kole is an interior design studio based in Kennesaw, voted as one of Atlanta’s Top 20 Interior Designers. Their IG page exudes a sense of comfort and warmth while pushing the boundaries of creativity. This design duo masterfully blends a variety of design styles and incorporates the latest trends, resulting in spaces that are both inviting and visually appealing.

Many of their designs feature bold patterns and colors, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere. They often blend traditional and modern elements that give an eclectic look to any space. I love this foyer wall that incorporates a muted palette and collage of arts, each with its unique characteristic but it looks stunning and cohesive all together.

This kitchen design highlights the beauty and elegance of pendant lightning. They show how important proportion and scale are. On the other hand, the original gorgeous wall of this dining room was retained and highlighted by using textures and colors that complement its design. It’s not always necessary to completely gut a space when doing a design project; sometimes all it takes is fresh eyes to appreciate its potential beauty. 

They also post styling tips, amazing renderings, and podcast snippets on IG.

#2 Paige Minear | @pageminear

Paige Minear is a lifestyle blogger known for her home full of patterns, colors, preppy decors, and antique treasures. Since 2007, she uses her love for design and her background in fashion to give her followers daily inspiration and colorful posts. Her page is a delightful journey through timeless elegance and whimsical charm.

Her designs are embodiments of the trends presented in a way that feels attainable and approachable. This living room shows a lot of character and color – you can help but feel happy about how the different elements and color palettes work together to create this beautiful space.

Paige also shares her mood boards for girl’s game night, closet re-do, bathroom renovation, and more so her followers can get ideas and inspirations on what her style is and where you can get each piece of furniture and wallpaper she uses. You should also follow her if you’re into table settings, linens, china, flower arrangement, and monogrammed flatware. This Palm Beach Barbie tablescape looks absolutely gorgeous and on point.

You can also check out her vintage and antique resale shop, The Pink Clutch, on Instagram.

#3 Shelby Eanes | @eanesinteriors

Shelby Eanes is an Atlanta-based wife, mom of 2, designer, and Instagram influencer who shares her passion for designs and home decor on her Instagram. She curates home inspirations as she shares videos and photos of designated spaces, showcasing different aesthetics and styles.

She provides tips and ideas for affordable decor pieces which is particularly helpful for those who are looking to decorate on a budget. Shelby and her family are working on a fixer-upper and she shares updates on their progress. Apart from decor inspirations, snippets of her life as a mom and wife also inspired us to create a home that reflects our personal styles and what brings us joy.

I love this elegant seating area. It looks so cozy, warm, and personalized. The green walls perfectly pair with the wooden tables and frames while the beige armchairs balance out the colors and create contrast.

#4 Outrageous Interiors | @outrageousinteriors

Outrageous Interiors is a home decor and furniture store in Kennesaw that offers design services showcasing a beautiful blend of elegance and eclecticism. Their IG page features their prowess in transforming spaces into harmonious, stunning enclaves.

They elevated this space by combining the black brick fireplace with a beige sofa and light wood coffee table creating drama and contrast. But the blue armchairs, rug, throw pillows, and black decorations tie everything together. Additionally, the symmetric mirror wall makes the area brighter and bigger.

Sticking with neutrals is great if you want to add elegance and luxury to your home. This living room is a great example as it features a clean, bright, and natural design. The wood and color palette of the furniture and decor looks cohesive and it creates a tranquil and calm atmosphere.

They also post styling tips and before and after transformation, captivating their followers with curated pieces that speak to both contemporary chic and timeless class. As stated in their captions, their designs are just effortlessly gorgeous and it’s all in the details.

Instagram: instagram.com/outrageousinteriors/

#5 Sandie Mazzi | @s.mazzi.interiors

Sandie Mazzi is the owner of S. Mazzi Interiors, a full-service interior design firm based in Atlanta, GA. From her Instagram, it’s clear how she smoothly merges artistic flair with modernity. By reflecting individuality and a keen understanding of design trends, each of her posts showcases both functional and work-of-art interiors.

Moreover, it features a mix of patterns and textures, such as wood and marble, to create an interesting and layered look. Sandie’s style is also eclectic, with a focus on neutral colors and clean lines. She often incorporates Moroccan-inspired elements into her designs, including handmade Moroccan poufs and rugs.

Her amazing visions and inspirations can be seen in this library. The grid of book sculptures celebrates a love of reading and the shade of blue creates a serene and calming atmosphere paired well with the brown leather sofa.

Sandie’s design as seen in this photo inspires us not to be afraid of mixing and matching patterns as it can give a visually interesting and dynamic effect. This nursery is an example of how hanging a rug on the wall will not only create an impact but can also serve as a sound buffer.

I hope you find inspiration in these brilliant design accounts on Instagram! Feel free to share your account recommendations – I’m always eager to explore and share the latest design gems with our community.

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